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Custom and Stock Lapel Pins, Coins, Medallions and a Complete Emblematic Jewelry Selection. EVERYBODY LOVES TO BE NOTICED Your Recogition Source R Us | 888-799-2001 | MAKING MARKETING CONNECTIONS Brand Your Company from the Inside Out , We Manufacture Custom Lapel Pins, Medals, and PVC Items. - call or email for quotations Rush Service Available - 888-799-2001

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Custom and Stock Lapel Pins, Coins and Medallions

We can supply your organization with Custom and Stock Lapel Pins

In Florida since 1997 we specialize in Promotional Products. Custom Lapel Pins, Stock Lapel Pins, Cloisonne, Soft Enamel, Brass Photo Etched, Silk Screen, Offset Printed, Diestruck or PVC Custom Pins for your next tradeshow or corporate event.

Precious Metal Pins: Pure Sterling Silver, Sterling and plated or 10 kt gold filled. Cloisonne Pins of the highest quality and Synthetic Hard Enamel Pins. Diestruck Soft Enamel Pins or Two Tone Pins. Photo Etched Soft Enamel Pins.
We will make your custom design a finished product with superb quality and detail. Rush Service Available on some styles, call us for information now.

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Patriotic and flags lapel pins

American Flag Lapel Pins

Our patriotic lapel pin collection features diverse USA lapel pins including flags, ribbons, and custom shape lapel pins
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Florida lapel pin collection for resorts, casinos and hotels.

Florida Lapel Pin Collection - Resorts / Tourism Collections

Enjoy our Florida Lapel Pin Collection. Resorts such as vacation spots, hotels, and casinos should have a corporate jewelry collection. The collection could be used as a source of revenue by being sold at the gift shop, or simple as a gift item given away to visitors
Click here to see Florida Lapel Pin Collection

we ship custom lapel pins worldwide

Custom Lapel Pins, Medallions & Coins

Very high quality custom coins, medallions and custom shape emblems for your company or organization. We take pride of making a very high quality product with which you will be satisfied in every way, from design presentation to delivery on time... every time.
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brass metal high polished custom lapel pins

US States Lapel Pin

Quality lapel pins. Custom Lapel Pins Die Struck. You have our guarantee that the combination of quality and price that we offer is one of the best in the world. Hundreds of customers from companies, organizations, and the military confirm it every time when ordering from us.

Click here to see Custom Lapel Pins Die Struck

We want to be your partner for all your awards and branding needs. Our products and services can help any organization in any part of the world to connect with its customer and employees in ways that enhance the relationship. Our product range includes fine full lead crystal awards, trophies, and executive gifts, promotional products, and advertising specialties for small business, major corporations, organizations, and governmental entities. Call us today for your immediate quotation. Corporate, University, Schools and Non-Profit Organizations.

Please visit our websites:

Beverly Hills USA is our oldest domain and at this moment is an online catalogue of crystal awards, corporate gifts, trophies and promotional products.

Pins Lapel Pins

Website dedicated to emblematic jewelry including custom lapel pins, stock lapel pins, custom jewelrey development for organizations worldwide, championship rings, charms, pendants, medals, military coins, promotional coins, tie bars, cufflinks and much much more. The website stock section features over 5,000 different stock lapel pin designs. A complete line for all your custom emblematic and recognition jewelry needs.

Boca Raton Marketing Group

Website dedicated to our marketing services. The domain name includes our home base of Boca Raton, FL for easy geographic location recognition. We offer services in three areas: marketing, advertising, and corporate services. Our internal marketing services include Incentive and Performance programs for employees and company stores.

Corporate Incentive & Reward Programs

Website dedicated to Corporate Programs. We have designed Corporate Programs that finally make it easy to say THANK YOU to your employees for their dedication, loyalty, achievements, exceptional service, and commitment.

Crystal Paperweights

Website dedicated to crystal paperweights. This website is an online catalog of crystal paperweights, glass paperweights, jade crystal, marble paperweight, and more.

Crystal Lamps

Website dedicated to crystal lamps. The most exquisite selection of crystal lamps. Lamps make highly desired corporate awards, recognition gifts, incentives, gifts for employees and will even highlight your offices.

We would enjoy hearing from you... Contact us today Phone 888-799-2001 Call for assistance with design and personalization. Custom designs and Rush Orders are always available.

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